When I made my first album, I had pieces that were either too different in style or just not finished enough to put on the same CD, but I wanted to save them for later. A few years have passed and the opportunity has finally presented itself. I started by taking the leftover pieces from the first album, which I reworked. Then I composed other pieces and put it all together.

During a rehearsal a few years ago, we were talking about the times we were living in (a classic) and my daughter Émilie said, “These are strange times”. The play we were rehearsing at that time had just found its title. The record too, especially in 2021. But I had hesitated for the title, I admit. I had decided to temporarily name the CD Sighs. Because each piece makes me breathe a sigh of happiness or relief, this record is my portrait.

I wanted to end the album with a softer, simpler piece. It brings the steam back down … And I like to conclude with an improvised piece on acoustic guitar.