A lot of times when I find a melody or a series of chords, I like to put myself in the shoes of a drummer, a bass player, and try to compose something that they would like. It guides me, it allows me to evolve the piece. I must say that for the piano, I prefer to leave that to a pro. I always had to make two gestures, one with the right hand, the other with the left hand, to produce a sound on the violin or the guitar. It seems like playing with one finger to produce a sound, it just just doesn’t get into my head! Thanks Julian!

Each peice has its story. Whether it’s starting with a simple idea and playing the same sequence over and over until the pieces fit together, like in “On a Rock”, or composing a theme and arranging it, like in “East Man” . I find it stimulating to try to think outside the box and surprise with unexpected sequels. It must be said, however, that it is dangerous to fall into awkwardness, to make “grammatical mistakes” as a friend would say. But never mind, it’s a risk to take. And it’s very educational! And then I improvise a lot. It helps me find themes. The piece “Covehead” is an improvisation from elsewhere. No retouching. It’s risky, but so stimulating!